Business Automation



Business Process Automation software is intended to provide enterprise solutions that lead to uninterrupted execution of processes, avoidance of any kind of glitches in the system and data interchange issues. Business Process Automation solution offers a highly proficient business management process. With its organized and transparent system, this process automation service creates a professional, resourceful and modern management experience for its users.



We have the capacity of designing and developing best suited custom software solutions which comprise of Account Information Management System, Inventory Management, Human Resource Management System, Inventory and Procurement Management, contributing towards business and customer intelligence.

Accounts Information

Management System

Managing accounts is one of the most common requirements with respect to business processes and is hence, one of the most demanded components of Business Process Automation services. At Cyenor, we use the latest applications to provide our clients with high quality software that guarantee organized and transparent accounting processes.

Human Resource

Management System

An important component of our Business Process Automation is Human Resource Management System. Human Resource Management is an operation relevant to every company in an economy. Cyenor has dedicated a motivated and talented team for provision of the most efficient Human Resource Management System for our clients.

Procurement and Inventory

Management System

Procurement and Inventory Management System is a segment of the Business Process Automation service that ensures efficient employment of resources. We believe in effective management for which we create automated processes for procurement and inventory needs of all relevant firms.